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We find our methods work best for achieving our goals: To do it right the first time and to remain cost effective without sacrificing quality.

Over the past 5 years we've learned a great deal about the types of problems our customers experience and how to quickly diagnose and repair them. We've also paid close attention to the behaviour of our industry and have noticed a large disconnect between what our customers need and what repair shops as a whole are offering. The biggest concern among computer users is the question of whether to bother with repair considering the lower cost of computers these days.

While some shops seem to be addressing this concern by offering flat rates or reducing service, we think they're missing the mark. They lure you in with flat base costs, then stick you with add on services which are required to complete the job.

The "Flat Rate Plus"

Using the Geek Squad© as an example, we'll examine a Reformat, or as they refer to it, "The Solution", priced at $167.

[Just to clarify, a Reformat is a procedure where your hard drive is erased and your operating system is reloaded. For further explanation, click here.]

Geek Squad©Fixed Systems©
Data Backup$89Included
Total Cost$315$189

We are people too. We don't like to be "nickel and dimed" and would never dream of doing that to others. The next time your system needs some fixing, do yourself a favor and give us a call. (248) 219-4097

*Pricing gathered January 2006 from