Fixed Systems Computer Repair



Why your system would need to be taken in to our shop

While we would like to perform all repairs at your location, certain problems arise which require us to take your system back to our shop. The most basic reasons for this deal with the complexity of many common computer problems.

Jobs completed at our shop receive an accurate diagnosis through our rigorous testing. Additionaly, these repairs allow us to make your computer perform better and faster than the day you purchased it.

We know you don't want to see us every day, which is why shop repairs let us do it correctly and cost effectively, the first time!

Some basic symptoms which alert us of a repair-shop bound system:
  • System will not start up
  • Virus infection
  • Intense Spyware infection (similar to virus infection)
  • System freezing
  • "Blue Screen" errors
  • Random Restarts
  • Looping startups
  • Application freezing
  • Unresponsive system

What we are doing to your system

We have spent countless hours and dollars developing a state-of-the-art repair process which ensures the safety of your data and provides an accurate assesment of where the problems are occuring.

  • First, if you opted for the Data Backup service, we perform the procedure using our custom backup system. Our system safely copies your files, while stripping them of any viruses or spyware which may be lurking within them. This ensures that we do not reinfect your computer. As a double safeguard, we keep a copy of all your data in our Secure Digital Vault(C) for 30 days.

  • Next, we check your Hard Drive(s), Memory, power supply and fans for errors. Should any of the tested components fail to pass our rigurous tests, replacement will be recomended. We have found that components which appear to work but fail testing usually die completely within 6 months.

  • If all is well with the first two steps, we move on to the repair. In this phase, we erase the entire contents of your computer (don't worry, we backed up your data as necessary!) and replace any required components (at your request) and perform a fresh installation of Windows.

Once installed, Microsoft Security and Feature updates are downloaded and all necessary/provided software is installed.

Next your user accounts are recreated and your data and settings are restored*

Finally, we blow compressed air through your system to remove the harmful dust which accumulates over time ensuring proper airflow, something crucial to proper operation of your system.

What you can do to ensure a transparent repair

While we can back up all the data on your system prior to reformatting the disk, it is impossible to back-up program installations (Microsoft Word, Excel, Quickbooks, etc). Therefore, if there are any applications on your computer which you need to use, please locate the installation disks (and serial #'s)** and have them available for the technician to reinstall for you.

The most common programs people use include:

  • Norton/McAfee Antivirus
  • Quickbooks/Quicken/Peachtree
  • Microsoft Office (word, excel, outlook)